Hosting in a Small Home

Hi, welcome back friends! I am talking about hosting in a small house today. I love having people squeeze into my space and I have some tips I have learned over the past couple years to make it even better and while it may feel “squishy” it’s more fun & definitely do-able!

We often have people drive down and stay with us while they are here. It’s a blessing to be able to let them stay right with us! When people first started to come, I used to stress about the lack of space, worrying that they would not feel comfortable. I’ve complied a couple of things that I think eliminate that!

Have clean sheets & extra throw blankets in your spare room or wherever you guests plan to sleep! Side note, day beds with the extra pull out are super fabulous small space solutions! If we ever need to change out office into an additional spare room that is my plan! Make sure you have towels & face clothes ready for them and any other additional linens they could need. I always make sure to have toiletries in the bathroom ready like extra shampoo & conditioner, toothpaste etc.. the worst is not packing them and then not having anything to use while you are away from home.

Make sure you have breakfast foods to snack or or a plan to make breakfast, I hate to travel only to find out I’m scrambling in the morning to get that meal in (ie. running out or stopping somewhere). Additionally, coffee & tea on hand are great! Sitting down to share the morning over coffee with someone you don’t see often is such a blessing! I also always try and have some “snack foods” around if we are kind of in and out or hanging during the day and make sure everyone knows they are available to just walk into the pantry and grab them!

Have your wifi password printed out or ready for when they show up, if they don’t have it already! Help them hook up their devices and dig out those extra chargers if you have them laying around!

Another thing I like to do is plan something for while they are here, if they are not coming for something specific. For example, visiting some local shops or places to eat are really fun ways to fill time. Another thing, I always make sure the game cabinet is filled and ready to go so we can fill the evening time with some fun!

The most important thing, in my opinion, is to not worry. If you have everything ready, regardless of space your company is coming for a reason. They are excited to see you! Don’t let your feelings get in the way of that and squeeze everyone into the house and enjoy the chaos and hustle and bustle because it will be over before you know it! Let me know if you have anything to add that I should keep in mind for future guests or things you do at your house that are a hit that I should start adding into my routine!

Thanks for stopping by & have a fabulous weekend

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