Chalk Painting: Weekend Project

Another step towards re-doing my spare/guest room is complete. I used some time of the weekend to get my bedside tables completed. If you recall the mood board I created, you would have noticed that I picked out some cute white side tables. I had two perfectly good side tables and I could not justify buying new ones! Therefore, I took my first swing at chalk paint!

Here is the final outcome, I am already loving the changes made to this room. I will post a picture of this view prior to some of the changes. I used the Rustoleum chalk paint from Canadian Tire and after a long minute of sanding I got them done. I was online on someones blog that said just start painting, but that didn’t work, the paint will not stick to the engineered wood, so after I wiped it off and started a second time I had success. My recommendation would be to spend some time sanding until there is no shine left and cleaning them thoroughly with a cloth and some water and then paint. AND don’t be like me and not wait long enough and end up with finger prints, I now have some touch ups to do (LOL). The last thing I did was spray paint the pulls mat black and I love how they pop against the white. I will go over the dresser with a satin type finish so that it does not scuff every time someone puts something on it and the little bit of sheen satin has will make it look like brand new! Stay tuned for some updates on the spare room & eventually the final reveal!

Here is a before shot of what this area used to look like!

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