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Popping in today because I finally got curtains ordered (and delivered) for my spare room which meant I put some of the finishing touches on my design board! I have been waiting on the Drew Barrymore curtains from Wal Mart to come back in stock for like over 7 months!! I was waiting and waiting. I wanted to go over design boards & how they can really help with finishing a room! Here we go!

Spare Room Design Board

I somehow ended up with a very boho-esque vibe here! I’m not a designer, trained or otherwise. But what I have learned over the past couple of years is that my style is not determined by a “type” but more a feeling. I go for the cozy, hygee vibes and fill my spaces with whatever gives me that feeling, rather than look. Lots of blankets, plants and throw pillows will help me get to that feeling! I plan to add in some more plants and shelving after I get all big pieces in! The picture ledges included in the second photo are what I have in mind to add some family photos & plants! I have a bit more to order to start piecing the room together, so it’ll take some time to see the finished project.

I make a design board with the intention of picking out items thag I know will fit the vibe I like, however I’m not confined to doing exactly what the board says. If I change my mind half way through I just role with it. In the end, I might not be able to find the exact item from my inspiration so I get creative and find items LIKE it! I also try to find various versions so that I can compare price points & reviews! The overall purpose is to make sure everything I’m putting together will bring about the overall feeling I’m going for. I also find it helpful to make sure I’m not just buying whatever & hoping it works. This builds the foundation from the idea in my head to real life. I don’t start buying or acquiring anything until this is complete!

If you are starting to plan rooms, or decor I would highly recommend making a design board so that you know items will vibe and will all go together when you are fully complete just like the above! I leaned a lot of this from Brooke, at Nesting With Grace. She has influenced a lot of my style & decor choice and would be a great resource to look at as well if you want to start a design board! OR If you want help getting started, I would be more than happy to support you! Just let me know & maybe we’ll get to work together ♥️

Stay tuned for the finished look…. 😀

3 Replies to “Design Boards”

  1. How do you actually make a design board? Is it a program? I am not sure how to create. Example: i have a collection of pictures, what is the next step?


    1. Hi! Good question, sorry I did not explain more on that. I normally use Pages (the apple app) and you can just add all the photos in and size/overlap them as needed. Or sometimes if I am on the computer I use Canva (free account ability) and just use the blank page and upload all the pictures. Both are easy! There are some others like PicMonkey/ Unfold that lots of people use but I think some require you to pay! Tons of options to look into though! Hope that helps 🙂

      Editing to add: For the design board pictured here i used Canva!


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