The Comparison game.

Hi again! … I was having one of those weeks last week where I felt like nothing was going right and it just seemed like it was seeping into every part of my life. It is so easy to get caught up in the comparison game and it really can suck you in so deep. Because of that, a topic came to mind for a blog post that might not be the most fun but I think its important to talk about!

Comparison is the thief of joy.

This. Right there. Could not be more true! Especially in the age of instagram and social media. Specifically for myself last week, it was about my house, the decor, the layout everything! I follow all these amazing accounts and wish I had decor like them, space like them. It sucked and last week it was just at a peak. I have mentioned before, I have come to LOVE to work with what I have, but I am not perfect and sometimes I slip up. It’s so in the forefront of my mind because I am working on developing this blog and my instagram with embracing our small style and offering storage and practical decor solutions for those who may live in a space like myself. I have snapped myself back in to reality by re-alinging my goals and just being thankful for what I have worked on so far. It is hard to suppress the feeling sometimes that you want everything done like yesterday LOL. So for anyone out there feeling like myself, just remember to take a step back. You are only seeing the highlight reel and most people are probably getting sucked into the black hole themselves once and awhile.

I am not going to make this a long one, I just wanted to open the conversation so that you know you are not alone if you feel like that! When I come to this situation, I like to go over everything I’ve done, list out what I have to be grateful for and take a little time to myself.

If you have ever been here, drop me some things you are grateful and thankful for, and lets work on it together. 🙂

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