A Second Master bedroom Makeover!

Hello everyone, since we are on the train of the master bedroom makeovers, I thought I would hop on and share my oldest sister bedroom. I can’t take any of the credit, she did most of the work and was just running her ideas by me! I am so happy she thought of me to help though! We spend a couple of hours last night installing the wallpaper and she finished up the rest of the install today by herself! I am obsessed with the outcome, I even think I need to paint my room now LOL. If you recognize the wallpaper, funnily enough its the same as mine! We didn’t even realize this until unpacking it last night!

I can’t think of a person more deserving to have a bedroom sanctuary than my sister. Selfless, AMAZING mother of three (under 3) she does everything for her family – husband & kids and expects nothing in return. For her to have a space that is really her “own” (feel like I should use that term loosely since she still has kids lo) is so important. I think she’s feeling pretty proud today now that its all done, and rightfully so!

So now y’all, how do we convince my other sister to let me help her re-do a room in her house!? Ha! Anyways, enjoy scrolling through some of the photos she sent over now that its complete. Thanks for stopping by!

Before Photos

The full reveal!

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