Laundry Room Makeover

Hi everyone! I am excited about this one 🙂 I wanted to up-do the laundry room for so long.. I had some inspiration pictures from pinterest that I was just dying to implement somewhere. Our laundry “room” is actually a closet, so its a pretty small space. Because of that, I was trying my best to make it over while still being 100% functional .. WITH future home owners in mind!

Before, we had the machines stacked with a half a cupboard in there. I just felt like it was not being used to its full potential. We started storing all our cleaning supplies downstairs so this was just turning into kind of drop all place. First things first, I asked Dev if we could unstack the washer and dryer to see if that would be do-able and if it could act as kind of folding space. Low and behold.. so much better. Once that happened I knew it was game time. I am so pleased with the outcome. I used NuWallpaper peel and stick & picked up paint from the local store here. I then bought some peel and stick flooring (Floorpops) and got that put in. Which, is holding up super well considering after all this was done our washer leaked so bad and we’ve since bought new ones (oh life.. so fun lol)! Last but not least, I actually bought baseboards and got them to cut it a bit longer and then Dev helped me to cut and put into place. Once that was done we filled holes, caulked the edges finished painting & hung some Ikea shelves… Voila! I am calling this the “poor man version” of board & battern and I did it this way, simply because the washer/dryer cover most of the wall and I wanted to stay under $200, so I felt like this was a good alternative to doing legitimate board and battern! This wouldn’t a typical project without messing something up… I ordered to little wallpaper and spent an extra 3 weeks just waiting on that to come in from Wallpops. Nothing like a good little mess up to make it a legit project right, LOL!

Scroll through for some before & after shots. I am happy to answer any questions about this little transformation if you have any! Thanks for stopping by.

These were the two inspiration photos that I had found on Pinterest! The one for the colour and baseboard idea and the other for the wallpaper. Once I found the wallpaper I just picked out the closed colour to what I liked at the paint store 🙂

And now the Afters…!!!

I looked into moving the dryer vent to the ground, but in the end we decided its still a laundry room and this way if someone after us ever wants to re-stack them, they have the option. This is not our forever home, so sometimes, design comes with future use in mind! I don’t mind it one bit, and its truly what this blog is about – working with what you have right now!

I worked with Floorpops for the first time, and I have to say I am quite impressed! A quick and easy way to update flooring! I did use water sealing caulk in between tiles, just as “in case” and then look, our washer leaked so I am glad I did. They Survived!

Thank you everyone for stopping by the see the Laundry Room Transformation!

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