Starting A Blog…. again!

Well, how about making a post and then doing nothing for 2 years (LOL). Ok, all jokes aside, when I made the blog in 2017 I was not quite sure where I wanted to go with it. I made the site, played around with it, made a christmas post and then just stopped. I was going through Instagram the other day, answering questions about where I had bought stuff for my house & sharing ideas with others and I thought, hey, maybe its time to look back at the blog you left high and dry and revive it! So, a new welcome to The Rocky Way House. I hope you’ll visit often & find inspiration for your home. As you know, our house is about 1300sqFt. This means, sometimes I have to work a bit harder to make sure the house is functional while still implementing my design style (which I still don’t even know how to describe.. Modern Farmhouse with a touch of builder grade design / Plant lover?) We’ll get there 🙂

I have to say since 2017, we have done a lot of work in our house. It has really started to come together! We did actually list if for sale for a quick month period but eventually decided to stay as to not take a great loss in this market. Once we made the decision to stay, we sat down and wrote a list of what we wanted to accomplish in the next five years while staying in this house. With that being said, I think it was a good time to come back and share all the work we have done & what we are going to accomplish! I feel like my style has finally evolved and developed enough over the past years to justify having a blog and being able to share my findings with y’all!

I look forward to sharing all the updates since christmas 2017! Thanks for joining me, I can’t wait to have you on this journey.

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