Our new front door is finally in! We had originally planned to replace both doors but then Devin suggested we make the front door a normal size (normal is 36″ ours if currently 32″) and that ended up taking most of the budget for this year because of the labor cost from the company who did it. We didn’t undertake this one because you have to change siding, house structure, water proofing etc.. it felt like it was best to have people who do it daily take care of that all!

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Square Foot Gardening

Its finally the best time of year, gardens are in, flowers are blooming… life just seems brighter!! This year, we almost tripled our garden square footage by building more raised garden beds! I started laying out the garden plans and thought to myself, jeez I am going to need so many more to plant the garden in rows like I would in the ground. I did some research and found the square foot gardening method book at the library and so here we are, I am giving it a go! This is a super quick run down of this method and some pros and cons and tips I have learned now from planting this year (and just general garden maintenance tips). Hoping that it may help you to either start your garden or look further into why this might be the right way for you to plant in the future!

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Sustainable Living / Building a Homestead.. being more self sufficient. ALL of the above!

Hi Folks, welcome back! Hope you are having a great spring/start to summer. I know we sure are! I wanted to share kind of an update on what we have accomplished since moving out to the acreage with our focus on being more sustainable/ conscious of our use of daily items and tasks! I am feeling quite proud of what we are able to do here, but I KNOW there is lots more we can work on, and we will. I literally had no idea what to name this post as you can tell because it’s kind of a mix of everything LOL.

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Our Back Deck Upcycle!

Last summer we did not even really get to use our deck because we had to tear it off for the installation of our new septic system. It was a huge project that ended up taking the majority of the summer, between Devin working and a newborn things just took way longer. It was a huge undertaking so this summer I am actually excited to have the use of it throughout the summer!
PS. If you follow along on Instagram, you know I am taking a break with the app, but I will still be on the blog while I am off socials!

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