Our Back Deck Upcycle!

Last summer we did not even really get to use our deck because we had to tear it off for the installation of our new septic system. It was a huge project that ended up taking the majority of the summer, between Devin working and a newborn things just took way longer. It was a huge undertaking so this summer I am actually excited to have the use of it throughout the summer!
PS. If you follow along on Instagram, you know I am taking a break with the app, but I will still be on the blog while I am off socials!

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How the Painted Fireplace is Holding up

I keep getting this question! I painted my fireplace back when we moved into this house. The tiles were kind of a whiteish/pink colour and the grill had gold accents! I wanted it a bit more sleek and modern looking so I spray painted the grill and painted the tile! Coming back today to share how it’s been holding up now just over half a year down the road!

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Hanging Curtains – Like a Pro: Sharing my Tips!

Curtains can totally transform a space, if you have the ability to hang them properly, you can really make the space look more open and bigger! I am going to share a couple quick tips I have learned over the years to hanging curtains! These can really make a space look complete and curtains can also be a totally fun way to dress up a room or add a pop of style (just look at my old house for example!)

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